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Oleksandr Yaremchuk

Oleksandr Yaremchuk

Regional Director

Why am I in DuoLife ?

  • I care for myself and my family.
  • Thanks to DuoLife I am financially independent.
  • Wonderful trips with DuoLife motivate me to take action.

My personal message

Приглашаю тебя в клуб DuoLife! 
это дает  возможность
управлять своим здоровьем,
быть финансово независимым и
иметь время для личного развития...

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My favorite products

This product is no longer packed in a carton box, which helps reduce paper consumption.

DuoLife Medical Formula ProStik® - dietary supplement, thanks to its exceptional formula, supports healthy condition of muscles and joints, their flexibility and mobility.

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DuoLife Fiber is a dietary supplement in liquid form, containing a complex of soluble dietary fiber from as many as 4 sources as well as proprietary, branded formulas of plant extracts: ASTRAGIN® – supporting the absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract and BOSWELLIN® – promoting the reduction of inflammatory processes in the gut. The formula is composed of the highest-quality natural raw materials and is a rich source of dietary fiber. The health-promoting effects of the ingredients contained in the dietary supplement have been documented by clinical studies.

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