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Oleksandr Yaremchuk

Oleksandr Yaremchuk

Regional Director

Why am I in DuoLife ?

  • I joined people with a mission.

My personal message

Приглашаю тебя в клуб DuoLife! 
управлять своим здоровьем,
системно развиваться лично, 
с удовольствием строить эффективный бизнес,
приобрести больше свободы.

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My favorite products

This product is no longer packed in a carton box, which helps reduce paper consumption.

DuoLife Medical Formula ProStik® - dietary supplement, thanks to its exceptional formula, supports healthy condition of muscles and joints, their flexibility and mobility.

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DuoLife My Mind is a liquid dietary supplement that contains natural botanicals, including the proprietary formulas of CogniviaTM* i Aronvit®, enriched with inositol and an active form of vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin). The product is composed of highest quality natural raw ingredients supporting concentration, memory, and cognitive processes in both the young and elderly. It is a valuable source of vitamins and plenty of active compounds found in standardised plant extracts. Health-oriented effect of ingredients in this dietary supplement was proven by clinical trials and documented in scientific reports.

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DuoLife My Gastrin is a dietary supplement in liquid form, containing only natural ingredients of plant origin, including the Asafin®* registered formula, based on oleo-gum-resin sourced from asafoetida giantfennel (Ferula assa-foetida). The Asafin®* formula is obtained with the use of patented FenuMATTM* technology, which guarantees its optimum quality and bioavailability.

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